So I was reading a random Tweet the other day about Usher’s song “Climax,” and how the Tweeter was so frustrated and sick of people thinking that the song is about sex, when clearly it primarily isn’t. Having previously listened to the song lyrics, I knew what she was referring to. I had also initially … Continue reading

CeCe Monét Updates 2!

Hi everyone! So just a few quicky updates for you on my latest haps: (1) The Chocolate Chronicles Volume 1: Lemon Truffles – Love Instantly is doing phenominally well! Thanks so much to everyone who supported my debut novel and e-book. I really appreciate all the love. Please check it out soon, if you haven’t … Continue reading


A love that knows No boundaries In and out of time You’ve signed Your name across my heart And I’ve signed your heart With mine A stamp, a map The testament To the truth of our bond The telling of purest In-depth genuine Emotions The highs, the lows The mellows The hallows The shallows The … Continue reading