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Is “Women Can Have It All” A Lie???

From the boardroom to the bedroom, life for women, American women at least, has changed drastically over the last century.  Making its way into social consciousness, we often hear people say things like, “Of course women can have it all,” and, “We’re super women, we can do anything and everything!”  These are definitely the sentiments … Continue reading

Seoul Epiphanies

So I just came back from spending about a week in Seoul. Honestly, other than a few awkward culture shock moments spent in a South Korean bath house (read: group “vaginal facial” or “steam douche” with other women from my department at work), a Flight Attendant that was rude to me on Korean Airlines on … Continue reading

Searching for Meaning & Happiness…

I had a moment recently where I was suffering from boredom.  I don’t mean the I-have-a-few-minutes-to-kill-and-I’m-a-little-idle-right-now kind either.  I mean a profound, what-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-do-next-with-my-life kind.  See, what had happened was, I’d spent the last few years working my ass off, checking things off my bucket list.  While everything definitely isn’t finished on that list, a lot … Continue reading