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CeCe Monét

Twitter @cecemonet1

Author Bio:

CeCe Monét is a best-selling author, copy editor and owns an indie publishing company named Diva C Publishing.  Since writing her first short story for a school assignment at age 10, she’s always known that she wanted to grow up and be a writer too!  Her early writing influences include: Judy Blume, Charles Dickens, Paula Danzinger, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Harlequin and Silhouette romance novels and various storytelling genres from Disney.   CeCe’s goal with her work is to entertain, educate and enrich her reader’s lives by engaging them in engrossing stories.  Her end objective is to get people thinking about what’s really happening out in the world through private relationships so her readers can decide for themselves if they’re happy and comfortable with the status quo, or if they are going to become social change agents…

CeCe is a veteran writer having covered a myriad of topics and genres from blogs, to articles on global food politics, to self-help guides, to business plans to poetry, to interracial romance novels.  She is a Los Angeles, California native and also the mom of one amazing son, an avid reader, foodie, paranormal enthusiast, knitter, overall art lover, introvert and a self-professed nerd with a sharp wit and awesome sense of humor.  She enjoys wine, the beauty of sunsets at the beach, romance, and is obsessed with all things diversity, hence the reason her romance novels primarily deal with interracial relationships.

Major Themes, Subjects and Plots of the Author’s Fiction Work:

Most of CeCe Monét’s fiction deals with love, loss, changes in human nature given different circumstances and thus situational ethics, greed, grief, and lust, essentially coping with everyday real life through the lens of characters involved in various types of romantic relationships.  She utilizes her characters and story lines to examine how people deal with their emotional baggage, and how they handle the most random situations in their lives, especially since the author herself constantly experiences some very strange real life occurrences.  Through her characters, she is interested in exploring raw, real human emotions and what people learn along the way as they move along their life journeys.  Above all, what CeCe most wants to convey to her readers is that men and women are all individuals and that we should embrace our diversity, but also celebrate that we’re all interconnected.  Basically, she wants people to realize that love truly does conquer all and that this life is all about synergy, as both sexes really do need each other.

Author Photos:

cropped-cropped-blog-header.jpg  CeCe Riot Pic 1  CECE CANDLER (4)  CECE CANDLER (12)  CECE CANDLER (19)  CeCe Pic 4  CeCe Pic 1  CeCe Pic 2  CeCe Pic 3

Links to Author’s Fiction Work:

The Chocolate Chronicles Vol 1: Lemon Truffles – Love Instantly

The Chocolate Chronicles Vol 2: Fudge Brownies – Trouble At All Costs

The Chocolate Chronicles Vol 3: Chocolate Rau Câu – PUA War Games!

The Chocolate Chronicles Vol 4: Decadent Swirls – A Phoenix’s Passions

The Chocolate Chronicles: Lemon Truffles 2 – Some Mistletoe, A Miracle & A Blessing

The Chocolate Chronicles: Decadent Swirls 2 – The Librarian & The Transporter

Seduction: An Interracial Romance Anthology – Vol 1

The Question


Selected Book Covers:

CC - TTC1 Final Cover v2 (3-12-2012)  sedution1  The Question Final Cover (3-27-2014)

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