CeCe Monét Presents Her Son’s Debut Book “Fruit Birds” by Caleb Xavier

Alright everyone, so as promised, here is the link to my son Caleb Xavier’s debut work of fiction: Fruit Birds.  Please note though that this is my very first attempt to help work on a children’s book, so if anyone has any constructive feedback or suggestions for this or similar future books, please let me know.

Also, here’s a little bit more inside back story about Fruit Birds.  My son loves books and all things robots, Transformers, Star Wars and especially Angry Birds.  He’s also a born storyteller.

So one day a few months ago while Caleb was still in Preschool, he asked me to help him write down a story that combined a lot of the things he loves into a single story.  What resulted was the text for this book, Fruit Birds.  It turned out to be a really fun and cute story and was even complete enough to eventually be turned into a book.

Yay!  My then four year old had finished his first book.  Then there immediately became the question of who would illustrate his book?

While Caleb’s drawings are pretty good, especially for a now Kindergartner, they don’t translate especially well into any digital media formats.  So since he’s probably still at least a few years away from being able to create his own digital images, I started working on finding an illustrator.  I contacted several artists online and started getting concept art back.

To be honest, I didn’t like any of the results we received and also, working with artists over email, etc. was both tedious (where they didn’t seem to fully understand the story concepts) and very time consuming, especially for the disappointing final results I was seeing.  Basically, the process of elimination to find the right children’s book illustrator and within a reasonable price point just got too painful for various reasons.  So finally, I talked to a former illustrator and graphic designer that I work with at my day job, and she suggested an art book that teaches kids how to draw that she thought my son would enjoy.  I actually spent some time checking the book she’d recommended out myself and then finally, I started experimenting.

While creating pictures is really not my forte, as my thing is really more about words (surprise, surprise – I’m sure between this blog and my books you couldn’t tell that!  Read: sarcasm… damn Internet not conveying tone and voice inflections…), I still thought I’d give it a shot.  Ultimately, I think the end results turned out pretty good.  Again though, please let me know your opinions too.

Many thanks as always for all of your support in all of our literary endeavors.  🙂



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