2014 Year In Review (YIR)

Hi all,

It’s again that time of year for me to reflect on yet another chunk of time that’s almost already gone! This year ZOOMED by for me! So equally, I will make this YIR short, sweet and to the point.

This year really taught me the real power of connections. So make sure that as we go into 2015, you really only make time for the people, things, accomplishments, etc. that you really want to maintain and focus on. Remember, you’ll get more of whatever you’re putting your energy towards, so this year was a big reminder of what’s really important to me too and why…

The other thing that I really learned/relearned this year is the awesome power of compassion, especially through the lens of my innocent child. Going along with the connection piece that I just mentioned, there’s a lot that I can say about real empathy, sympathy and compassion that I saw in various acts of kindness, generosity, patience and real understanding this year. And while I won’t be going into too many details right now, suffice it to say that the world in general, and all of of us specifically as individuals need to have/experience and do way more of this.

I love you all! May the new year bring you peace, happiness, prosperity and more than anything, real passion for your life to keep you going and hauling your asses out of bed, fired up and excited for each new day. Amen! Lol. So let’s all rock it in 2015!



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