Hi all!

I’m glad to be on blogging for you again because I have a story that I’ve just gotta tell y’all…  Now usually, I’m not overly fond of the dating game.  Too often, it really is a numbers game, full of time-wasting, disappointing dead ends.  So recently, I went on a blind date and had a comic night of misadventures, that ultimately ended in some interesting surprises…

I waited for my date at first sitting in the parking lot, in my car as I sent him a message asking if he was at our date meeting spot.  He told me earlier in the night that he might be running a little late, so I wanted a confirmation first.  After all, I didn’t want to stay at the rooftop lounge by myself if he was going to be a no show.

No, I am not a cynic.  Simply a realist – and the reality is that in LA, a lot of people are hella flaky.  So anyway, I finally got out of my car and was inadvertently standing in front of the place I was supposed to meet my date.  I was actually on my way, about to leave and walk down the street to go meet some friends somewhere else (hey, you gotta have backup plans and options – see why I hate the dating game?), when I finally got a call.

Turned out, the place that I suggested (I had never been there at night or on the weekend), had several live bands and singers, so my date couldn’t hear his phone when I sent him a couple of messages earlier asking if he was there.  So the whole time that I was getting mad outside as I was waiting for him, he was inside, waiting for me.  Talk about crossed wires…

Now, while I’d seen pictures of this guy before our date, I had never met him in real life before.  So… it started when I was talking to him on the phone and then realized that someone’s eyes were upon me.

As I looked up, I saw him, standing there watching me.  It gave me the most delicious shiver of anticipation to see how his eyes roamed over me.  His appreciative, assessing gaze made me feel feminine, sexy.

Once he got closer, I was simply mesmerized by his eyes, which appeared hazel or maybe light brown.  He’s Brazilian with light, tan skin, and he’s tall, certainly much taller than me at 5’4″.  He’s towering over me as he talks to me, so he’s got to be at least about 6’0″.

As I was busy staring, attempting to keep myself from drooling, all I could think is that I wanted to touch him.  He must’ve read my desire in my eyes, because he offered me his arm to hold onto.  Then we decided to go for a walk around Downtown LA and after walking and talking for hours, we ended up climbing the amazing Bunker Hill steps (on 5th St. between S. Grand and S. Flower), a romantic, beautiful, grand staircase that culminates in a majestic water fountain.  Although the water wasn’t on because of the late hour, the magic of the moment as we stood there all alone, still remained.
So when he reached over and hugged me, pulling me to him gently, our mutual attraction tugging us both closer to each other on another level too, I tried to forestall the inevitable.  After all, this was only a first date, it was obvious that he wanted to kiss me.  Honestly, I wanted him to kiss me, but you know there are rules to this game, since perception becomes reality.
Yet as he pulled me into his rock hard, athletic body, I knew there was only so long that I would be able to look down at the ground and shuffle my feet.  I also knew, as is what eventually happened, that the second I looked back up into his eyes, that I’d be a goner…  So when he did kiss me, he started slowly, teasingly, with a sensual seduction where he took his time until I offered no resistance to the power of the passion building between us…
I guess scenes like that don’t just happen in my books!  Lol…  At any rate, if you want to check out more sexy, contemporary interracial romance stories that I’ve written, then get my joint effort with Pepper Pace, “Seduction: An Interracial Romance Anthology” which will be available on this Wednesday, 8/28/2013.

Also, look for and support our Kickstarter so we can get more national attention for our book here:

I also just want to say, as always, thanks so much to all of my readers that have continued to be my inspiration to write more and more over the years.  I love and appreciate you all!  Enjoy a phenomenal rest of the week!



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