Without A Doubt…

I put no one above you

And I’d bare my entire soul

To only you if you’d really let me

But in order for you to have

The love and the light

You’d also have to endure

The dark and the ugly

By illuminating all

Those things which weigh

Us both down

That neither of us

Ever fully process

Because you don’t want to look

At that which you think

Makes you seem or feel weak

And I don’t want to stop

And endure that which

Makes it hard for me to think

Or speak, or live without surrender

Yet the burdens of the past

Are not so soon forgotten

No matter how many closets

Are stocked completely full with skeletons

That we both ignore and pretend are gone

I want you and want to be with you

But not to serve simply as your

Ego booster shots matron

More so I wish I could love you

But we both just want to have fun

You don’t want any part of

A real commitment

And honestly, being tied down

Scares me to death too

But these feelings that smolder

Between us will never fade

They will only linger

As we continue to play

Our little game of charades

Because you and me

Are exactly the same

Kind of people

No matter what we mask

Or hide in the name of gain

Or success and “avoiding drama”

So now we both know what it is

The ball’s just in your court

At this present moment

And all the same I’ll leave the rest

Entirely up to you

Then we can sort through

It all later on

When it’s clear that

We’re in this together

And fully have each other’s backs

Without a doubt… 

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