Getting Unstuck Part 2 – Turnaround & Triumph

Hello again my wonderful, amazing, awesome readers!

It’s been a while since I last checked in with y’all because I’ve been working my butt off to make some drastic changes to my life.  I’ve been in major purge (get rid of things in my life I don’t want and need so I can de-stress and de-clutter) and self-improvement mode so that I have way more positive news to report back to everyone since my last blog, which seems like I wrote it ages ago.  My bad about that, but hey, at least I’m back now.  🙂
At any rate, I resolved many of the issues that were plaguing me earlier this year.  Though my young son and I didn’t move out of LA, I got a new day job – still as an Analyst, I’ve still been writing, and I’ve been working on sorting things out for my son.  He’s started at a new daycare/preschool where he’s learning to share, have fun with his peers, explore new fun educational topics, and work through his own feelings.
Meanwhile, I’ve also gained clarity on the fact that while I’m not ready to fully commit to a romantic involvement, I do still require male attention, so I’ve worked some things out with my dating life too so that everybody can get what we want and need.  Additionally, we made a move from my old apartment building to renting a house because there was a lot of unnecessary drama going on with my former downstairs neighbors.  So now, my stress levels are coming way down (and my son’s are too, which will continue to get better as he gets more used to all these new transitions in our lives) as I continue to work on transforming my life to what I want it to be.
Basically, in the last year especially, I had to actualize that no matter where I start or what my current circumstances are, I’m in the driver’s seat for creating the life that I want.  I have to act and use the power of right now, since this present moment is all I really have, all any of us are really guaranteed, and make the things I want happen.  It’s all up to me.  And while that’s an enormous amount of pressure if I really stop and think about it, it’s also tremendously freeing.
Because it means I don’t have to wait for anyone, or sit around growing ansy as I wait for something, anything to happen.  Rather I initiate the changes myself and evaluate what’s really working for me, versus what’s not as implement new phases into my life.  So really, it’s all a matter of perspective, so I’ve rolled up my sleeves and gone for it with full gusto.
So with all of that said, as I’ve focused my attention on a number of other matters recently, unfortunately I haven’t spent as much time on writing in the last couple of months as I would have liked to or as I have been able to in the past.  But don’t worry my darling readers.  I plan to be back writing in full swing by the time we get to Memorial Day weekend next month.
So I promise, my mini “Trouble” and “The Chocolate Chronicles Volume 5” will be out soon, most likely by the early summer.  By early next year I will be working on a new series too, which I’ve also already started working on and writing called “Sizzling Scandals.”  Volume 1 is called “Entre hermanos (Between Brothers).”  So there will be a lot of Black on Brown love in that interracial series.  🙂
Finally, last but definitely not least, and this is very exciting for me to announce, I’m teaming up with fellow author Pepper Pace (please check out some of her work here: and here: to write a book that will be out later this year, probably around the September/October time frame.  It’s called “Seduction: An Interracial Romance Anthology Volume 1.”  So look for that out on Amazon later this year too.
Alright everyone, have an outstanding rest of the week and remember, that greatness already resides within you!
Besos (Kisses)!

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