2012 Year In Review

Happy holidays everyone!  I hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous, safe, sane and abundant 2013.  🙂  Here are a few thoughts, or really rather more like life lessons re-visited, re-taught, re-examined, re-learned and most importantly, self-actualized for me even more so over this last year.  Damn 2012 went by so quickly for me that the whole year now seems like it was nothing more than a blur.  So with that in mind, I’ll keep this list short and sweet.


1. To thine own self be true.  Don’t lie to yourself, don’t bother rationalizing or being in denial about what you or someone else around you is doing.  You’ll only live to regret it later and honestly, it wastes a lot of time as you just put off the ultimately inevitable.  So if something is wrong, address and fix it.  Ignoring it usually only makes things worse.


2. Along with #1, live in reality and work on constant self-improvement.  Focus on constantly improving upon your strengths, but be honest with yourself about what your weaknesses are.  That way you’ll know which areas to work on next or steer clear of altogether.  Remember too that even small amounts of change on a consistent daily basis snowballs over time until you can fully accomplish your goals.


3. Trust in yourself and follow your own instincts.  Use the force!  It really will keep you out of some serious bull$hit!  Besides if you’re reading this, I already know you’re smart, capable and competent – so yes, you really can do anything that you set your mind to.  That includes tapping into that inner voice that helps guide you like a compass.  🙂


4. Don’t try to force a square peg into a round hole.  Do what really works in every area of your life and let go of the excess baggage.  You really don’t need it and won’t want it as you positively progress in the direction your real life path will take you.


5. Have a plan.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect in order for you to be happy.  But it does help to know what you want and work on getting there even when you get comically redirected/misdirected.  Also, if you find that you aren’t happy about something, then GOYA (Get Off Your ASSets) and change it!


6. Know when to get and give help.  Accept encouragement and get help from those who genuinely will, can and want to help you.  In turn, do the same for others.


7. Life is so fragile and so very precious, so don’t forget to constantly show and tell the people who matter most to you that you love them and are so happy, proud and excited they’re in your life.  Trust me, it’s not enough to simply assume they already know…


Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness Always,



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