In The End…

Alright, so what do you all really think is going to happen today?  So far, here are the main theories that I’ve been able to ascertain many people believe is/or could happen within the next 13 hours with today’s end of the world/Mayan calendar stuff:

  1. Aliens land on Earth
  2. The sun explodes and destroys our planet
  3. The human race suddenly moves into a new age of enlightenment
  4. The Earth moves into a huge EMP cloud and from here on out, none of our electronics work
  5. The axial tilt shifts and the planet suddenly starts rotating the opposite direction with massive climate changes as a result
  6. A meteor will strike the planet thereby causing massive tidal waves and/or some other extinction level event(s)
  7. None of the above – it’s all just hype and everything will pretty much be the same when we’re all still here on Monday…

Ha! Lol. Please feel free to add your own theories as well in the comments section.

On a more serious note, if the world really was ending today, what would you be proudest of in terms of your life’s accomplishments?  For me personally, in the end, I’m most proud of these contributions:

  • My son.
  • Having lived life on my own terms.
  • My writing and the fact that I had the guts to start my own publishing company.
  • The relationships I’ve forged with the people who have impacted my life the most – my family, friends, lovers and even haters.
  • Everyone that I love and appreciate certainly knows it.
  • The fact that at this moment, I can honestly say that I have no excuses, no apologies, and no regrets.  Especially since ironically, I spent this year putting as much of my life in order as I could and handled my personal fears, self-doubts and other issues so I could put those things behind me.  So now, most of those issues are resolved.
  • That I’ve finally learned how to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of imperfection and accept that life will never be perfect, and mine doesn’t have to be in order for me to still be happy.

On that note, I bid you all happy holidays!  I’ll see y’all in the mix soon.



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