I am so saddened and horrified for the kids and their families in Connecticut today.  My prayers go out to those poor families.  I can’t even begin to fathom their heartache and grief.  I wish no one ever had to endure that kind of pain, sadness and senseless loss.  Some people say that everything happens for a reason, but sometimes I’m not so sure it does.

And even when there is a reason, it’s not always what people want to hear or really think about.  Yet, at least in part to keep my own sanity, I want to try and see if I can understand why this happened.  So in making sense of the school shooting that occurred today, there are three elements of the underlying why that I want to address:

(1) Much like with death, our cultural inclination is to avoid and ignore mental health issues so that those most afflicted by them, and that need the most help, usually don’t get it.

(2) People have free will and choose to do the wrong thing, sometimes in ways that have unimaginable consequences.

(3) The culture of violence that we push in every facet from violent popular song lyrics, to television shows, movies, video games and other forms of “entertainment,” also negatively impact the people we raise in this society overall.

So the compound problem then is when there is a person who is already susceptible to not being able to fully distinguish between reality and fantasy.  If there a person with a mental disorder that keeps them from acting on impulses and then starts to act upon the things he or she might see in some of these various forms of media, this is a recipe for disaster…

Honestly, as a Mommy of a very young child myself, I really just can’t even fully write about this right now.  Trying to wrap my mind around all of this is making me so sick and sad, I just want to vomit.  I hugged my son extra tight today and let him know how much I love him and am proud of him, not being able to imagine someone taking him away from me.  It’s just so unfair and there was such undeserved evil perpetrated against those innocent babies today that I can’t stand it.  I wish everyone grieving from the tragedy that happened today the ability to have peace and to heal, at least to some extent, as time goes by.

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