Synergy – Part 1…

As many of you know, I’ve promised on my YouTube vlog that I would start interviewing guys to ask them why they do some of the things they really do. I love the synergy between men and women and know that once we start embracing the fact that we’re equal partners on the humanity scale, but that men and woman are different too (in terms of having different needs, expectations, desires and ways of thinking about and doing things), life will become much easier for everyone.

Actually some of the things that Carl (shout out and thanks again for doing the interview Carl!) and I cover in this webisode will also be discussed in The Chocolate Chronicles Volume 3: Chocolate Rau Câu – PUA War Games. So with that utopian synergistic dream setup (despite my next book in my contemporary romance series being a battle of the sexes type book), without further ado, here is the first interview for the “Why Did He Do That: Why Guys Do What They Do” series. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to let me know what you think and if you have other questions to add for the next interview here in the comments or e-mail me at

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