Hit and Miss…

Okay, so I spent a lot of time writing and editing “The Chocolate Chronicle Volume 2: Fudge Brownies – Trouble At All Costs.” I was so excited to share the second installment of my contemporary romance novel series with you all. I posted it on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and was eager (and maybe a little anxious) to start finding out what you all thought after my e-book went live yesterday.

As I sat in suspense to start getting comments from my readers I was disappointed and dismayed today to find that there’s been an error on Amazon’s side and that they haven’t made my latest e-book available to Kindle readers yet! Well, of course I contacted customer service by phone at Amazon and apparently there’s no way for them to send a phone call directly to that department. E-mail contact is the only way to get in touch with KDP.

I had already sent an e-mail through the KDP website. I had even called Amazon last week to ensure there wouldn’t be any hiccups with yesterday’s launch for Volume 2. Alas, none of these measures has guaranteed that Amazon would actually take care of everything on schedule for this e-book release and they have up to 24 hours (or even more) to get back to me. To be fair, everything was very smooth for my other two books going live. So hopefully, we’ll see my next e-book up and running within the next few days. 😦

Aww, disappointment and frustration. One of my mentors says that these emotions always signal an amazing breakthrough is on the horizon. I sure hope she was right, especially in this situation…

At any rate, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!



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