Chocolate-on-Chocolate Love!

Coming Thursday, May 24, 2012… So mark your calendars!

The Chocolate Chronicles Volume 2: Fudge Brownies – Trouble At All Costs

Beautiful, outrageous, outspoken, untamable, flamboyant radio personality and self-certified diva Beverly Simmons is in danger of losing both her heart, figuratively as well as her life, literally!

SWAT negotiator and sharp shooter Nathan Hawkins was star struck by Beverly Simmons long before she became a celebrity in the public’s eye. Now his sister’s best friend since high school, which also happens to be his long time crush, needs his help. Bev is in danger as an unknown stalker closes in on her. Can Nate catch the culprit and keep the spirited and sassy Bev from falling into any unsuspected traps, while he simultaneously gets her to fall into his arms and bed forever?


Nate was staring at her now in a way that made his admiration for her shine through his eyes clearly, definitively. Beverly felt lost as she stared into the depths of his mesmerizing chocolate eyes. Unconsciously, she pressed her pouty, full lips covered in a metallic fudge lip color together. Nate’s eyes tracked the movement of her mouth, his gaze suddenly making her feel self-conscious. He wasn’t even touching her and yet with just a look, he made her feel breathless, exposed, vulnerable in a way no one else could, and oh so aware. His sensuality was a nearly tangible cloak that only added to his mysterious, tall, dark and handsome allure.

“W-w-what are you doing to me?” she stammered. Dammit! Bev didn’t stammer. She didn’t lose her cool normally, even when she was completely out of her element. It’s not like she was some inexperienced virgin saint about to get her first kiss. After all, she was the one who was used to calling all the shots, whether it was at work in the studio or at home in her bedroom. She’d always been in the driver’s seat. Yet, there was something so enticing right now about the thought of having a partner. Someone she truly trusted enough to open up to and genuinely share her life with, including all of the responsibilities she usually shouldered alone and maybe even some of the lime light.

Nate stepped closer to Bev, so close that she could smell his deep, rich, earthy, masculine, sandalwood essence. His very presence reminded Bev suddenly of getting back to the basics, to a place that was clean, rustic, refreshing, maybe even a bit primitive, but definitely simpler. “I’m not doing anything really. I’m simply letting nature take its course and reminding you that we could be good together. Good to and for one another. I’m letting you remember what it’s like to just be a woman in the company of a man who appreciates everything about you.”

Nate skimmed his hands over Bev’s waist then, allowing his big, strong hands to rest on the satiny smooth bronzed skin of her bare midriff. Then he moved closer to her before he engulfed her body by wrapping her into his solid embrace. She kept staring into his eyes, still uncertain about what it was she wanted from him. Though she could tell as they stood there on her deck staring at one another in the moonlight that she could let herself fall, right here, right now and Nate would catch her. So as he moved his face closer to hers, Bev sighed in resignation. She closed her eyes and lifted her arms up and moved them into place around his neck.

When his lips touched hers, it was like a spark that set off a whole storm of lightning. The blaze swept quickly from her lips, traveling through her blood stream to her limbs, blasting a trail that rapidly
shot through everywhere until it emblazoned her entire body. Bev felt like liquid fire was coursing through her veins now, propelling her to greedily deepen her kiss with Nate. Good Lord! If the man could do this to her with just one kiss, what would happen when their clothes actually started coming off…

In the meantime and in preparation for Vol 2, please check out TCC Vol. 1 at:

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