Why I Heart Bumper Stickers!!!

Multitasking as always, I had just left my day job as a Business Analyst yesterday, then was heading to Target before I went to pick up my son, when I suddenly had a “stop and smell the roses” moment. As I was sitting stuck in LA traffic, there was a bumper sticker on the car in front of me that read “Practice random kindness & senseless acts of beauty.” In that moment, I had an epiphany.

Or rather, maybe it was more like a rediscovery of purpose. After all, the main reason that I write is because I adore sensual experiences, teaching life lessons, showing women that they have dating options outside of their usual boxes of ideological confinement otherwise known as comfort zones, and above all else, replicating in my work so much of the beauty I find in everyday life.

As a social scientist, observer/people watcher, analyst, mother and writer, I can’t imagine anything that I’m more passionate about than living in the moment and being empowered by the momentum of right now. In so doing, also exploring both the complex and simplistic oxymorons that make life so interesting in general. In other words, living and loving by finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Essentially, there are major milestone moments in life that define who we are as individuals overall like accomplishing a life goal such as completing a degree, discovering the career path that never feels like work (for me that’s writing, which I’m working on eventually moving into it full time), falling in love with the person who simply takes your breath away and moving into a new phase of your like becoming a parent or relocating to another city to embrace new challenges and opportunities.

Yet it’s the little things that define our daily joy as we’re herded through the hustle, bustle and grind. Allowing us to savor a single moment that suspends all of those deadlines, anxious instances and overwhelming obligations, at least temporarily, so we can truly enjoy a simple pleasure. I’m privileged and honored to share many of these types of experiences with you my readers and cherished friends here on my blog from my own life as well as through my books’ characters. So wherever you are Southern California silver Lexus owner, thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Why I Heart Bumper Stickers!!!

  1. Great post! Very true, we have much more small beautiful moments than we take account for, I try very hard to recognize and stop and meditate whenever the mood hits to make sure God knows, I noticed, i’m thankful and I would love more please! …;-)

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