CeCe Monét Updates 2!

Hi everyone!

So just a few quicky updates for you on my latest haps:

(1) The Chocolate Chronicles Volume 1: Lemon Truffles – Love Instantly is doing phenominally well! Thanks so much to everyone who supported my debut novel and e-book. I really appreciate all the love.

Please check it out soon, if you haven’t gotten a chance to already since the $0.99 introductory sale ends soon at: http://www.amazon.com/Lemon-Truffles-Instantly-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B007KG561U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1333051338&sr=8-1

(2) The Chocolate Chronicles Volume 2: Fudge Brownies – Trouble At All Costs is underway now and will be out by this summer. I’d love to get your ideas if there’s anything specifically you want to see in book 2. Feel free to drop me a line at cecemonet1@gmail.com.

(3) I’m having some technical difficulties with uploading “In The Mix Webisode 4” so as soon as everything is fixed with YouTube, I’ll post my next video.

(4) Look for more poetry coming from me soon. I’m thinking about publishing an e-book of poems on Amazon Kindle by next month. More details to come on this.

Those are the main things for now. I’ll ttys. Muah! :-*


3 thoughts on “CeCe Monét Updates 2!

  1. I loved CC Vol 1. I was slightly frustrated with the heroine and slightly in love with Cheng. I enjoyed the nuances of each and loved the descriptive interaction between them and Jayden. It provided a foreshadow of what their future would be. Well written!

      • Hi precious!

        Thanks for your feedback. We’ll definitely see a bit more of the Liu family (don’t you just love Cheng!) in vol 2 of The Chocolate Chronicles, which is Beverly and Nathan’s story. I can’t wait to see what you think about the next installment.



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