So Loud

It’s so loud that I can’t hear you
I can barely hear myself think
When you stop, look, listen and think
All this noise pollution
Is deafening with the raucous
Non-stop flow of motion
In the form of sound waves
Shattered glass, battered souls
The lost, the found
The haphazard
The music, the police
The common folk and the rich
The TV, God, Satan and the preacher
The priest, the rabbi, the ashram
The car horn, the teacher
Sports, sex, drama, religion
Heat, snow, melting, dripping
The sink, the show, the hoe
Moving, grooving, showing
Telling, mowing, stowing
Towing, kids, old people
Life, death all wrapped up
Into one blooming halo
Billowing out in a suffocating
Smoke solidifying into a cosmic blast
Cars, trucks, SUVs
The healthy, the sick, the injured
The endangered, the engendered
The tended and the tender
Meals, kills, thrills and spills
Gluttonous and overdone
Straining to pay attention
To listen to the individual
And the amassed ton

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