I could paint your picture

Across the midnight blue sky

Brightened by the colors of the

Rising sun and the hues of

Beautiful divinity coming towards me

I could change your life

If you’d change your mind

And know we’re meant to be together

By design

No accidents intended

We’re meant to be

You and me

And if by chance you change

And rearrange your current

Frame of mind and understand

That our lives are intertwined

We will as we are

Be each other’s destiny

You know it’s true

Feeling it in your soul through and through

Completing me as I complete you

So in love us two

Just wait and see

For as sure as the waves of the sea

Kiss the blessed shore

You’re sure

To be doing the same to me

After a while of being my mesmiree

I could, you should, we would

Change the world through our quest

And all it requires is just one simple yes…

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