Burning with a desire to write
Can’t sleep with all the ideas
Blazing through my mind
Love and loss, desire and conquest
Life is crazy, raw, beautiful
Seductive and a fuckin’ trip
The voyage through space, time
And mind dwindling and
Bumbling through landmines
A vortex of so much shit I
Still don’t understand
Swirling and twirling like
Sand in an hourglass
Constantly running out of time
But I still do my best to divine
And define who I am, what I want,
Who I need, where I’m going
Defining on my own terms
What it takes to succeed
Getting me to where I want to be
Whether in the dark or
In the light I’m trying so hard
To get it right
Dark matter, quantum mechanic’s
Spookiness, worm holes,
God, black holes, multiverses
And eternal bliss – all the elusiveness
I struggle to make sense of daily
Asking does all of this even exist?
I want to believe but
Sometimes I wonder what
Having faith in the unknown,
Unknowable, perplexing deepest
Mysteries really means and does
It even matter after all?
I want to bypass my cynicism
But I ain’t a mystic
I’m just realistic looking at
All of those life and death
Statistics – what’s the purpose?
What is my place relative
Especially to all of this time and space?
And at the end of the day
I still don’t know and won’t during
This earth-bound lifetime of mine
So I just keep watchin’ my life pass
Both slow and fast
And on that note, I’m finally
Off to sleep
Still prayin’ in earnest to the Lord
For my soul to keep…

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