Welcome to Author CeCe Monét's Blog!

Welcome visitors!

You’ll be able to find out all about me and what I’m currently working on right here at cecemonet.com! My blog will also give you the opportunity to contact me – you can either leave a comment here or send me an e-mail at cecemonet1@gmail.com. You can also find me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/cecemonet1 or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/CeCe-Monet/155054071264780.

Please look for me to post some poems and short stories here as well as eventually links to excerpts of and where to buy digital copies of my books, including my Paranormal Romance series Realm. If you love those vixen vampires, wowing werewolves and other sexy supernatural beings, the Realm series will be right up your alley.

Also, for your reading pleasure I will be posting some of my poems and short stories to help keep you entertained until my first book is finished and available for purchase. You’ll note that much of my writing is about the human condition and true human nature, exploring what choices people make when they find themselves in tough situations. You’ll also see plenty from me related to mixed race, multiple cultures and interracial relationships.

So anyway, relax and enjoy your time here chillin’ out in my virtual space. 🙂


CeCe Monét

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