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Searching for Meaning & Happiness…

I had a moment recently where I was suffering from boredom.  I don’t mean the I-have-a-few-minutes-to-kill-and-I’m-a-little-idle-right-now kind either.  I mean a profound, what-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-do-next-with-my-life kind.  See, what had happened was, I’d spent the last few years working my ass off, checking things off my bucket list.  While everything definitely isn’t finished on that list, a lot … Continue reading


Hi all! I’m glad to be on blogging for you again because I have a story that I’ve just gotta tell y’all…  Now usually, I’m not overly fond of the dating game.  Too often, it really is a numbers game, full of time-wasting, disappointing dead ends.  So recently, I went on a blind date and … Continue reading

Pepper Pace Interview

In preparation for our September, 2013 release of our joint book “Seduction: An Interracial Romance Anthology,” fellow Interracial Romance Author Pepper Pace is doing an interview with me today to talk about her life, her writing and what it takes to succeed as a writer. 1.     CM: How did you get started as a writer? PP: … Continue reading